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This versatile product is a water base, acrylic, tintable, plaster-like medium that is ideal for raised relief, dimensional stenciling, and heavy distressed textures, but it goes way beyond that. It is readily sandable so it can be used to fill existing textures (orange peel and knock-down) and correct wall imperfections without shrinking or cracking during the drying process. It is self-priming and tintable, eliminating extra steps in the finish. Texture Effects is also self-sealing, so once dry, it can be over-glazed without the worry of it absorbing the glaze.

Newly constructed surfaces should be primed with a 100%
acrylic primer and allowed to fully dry. We recommend Zinsser’s Bulls Eye® Water-Base Primer/Sealer. Texture Effects will adhere to sound, clean, and dry surfaces previously painted with a low-sheen, water based paint. If unsure of the surface, prime first with Zinsser’s Bulls Eye Water-Base primer/sealer.

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