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Seal Once


Nano + Poly Concrete Masonry

SEAL-ONCE® NANO+POLY Concrete & Masonry Sealer combines proprietary nanotechnology with the strength of polyurethane to provide 360° of protection. NANO+POLY penetrates below the surface to protect against water damage from the inside-out.

It forms a long-lasting water resistant shield within the capillaries of concrete and masonry, preventing effluorescence, cracking, spalling, mold and mildew growth, lime bloom and freeze/thaw damage.  In addition to penetrating to coat the pores of the concrete, NANO+POLY creates a durable surface coating that protects against wear and tear, and water damage.  It creates a UV-stable, non-yellowing coating that preserves the natural color of the concrete and resists weathering & decay.

  • Combines proprietary nanotechnology with durable polyurethane for the best protection

  • Clear matte finish is non-yellowing and will not become slippery

  • Protects against water damage, abrasion and UV fading

  • Approximate coverage: 250-350 sq. ft./gallon per coat. Based on surface porosity.

Available Sizes:

  • 1-Gallon

  • 5-Gallon



Insulmastic 3102 Clearglaze/Websheen
Concrete Sealer and Protective Coating 

General Description

3102 is a clear, high gloss, non-yellowing concrete and masonry surface sealer specially formulated of acrylic polymers in a VOC compliant solvent solution. This coating is outstanding in its ability to protect surfaces from staining and discoloration.


Very effective on exposed aggregate, concrete or concrete pavers to achieve the "wet' look, and to minimize discoloration caused by the rough texture trapping dirt particles. Clearglaze is an excellent all round weather proofing coating. Effective sealer for terazzo, stone, slate and unglazed tiles.


Protective coating for concrete and other substrates against occasional spills of acids, alkalis, food acids, oil, water based paints, and wet concrete.

For Exterior Use Only.

Available Sizes:





Colour Crete™/Satin Finish/Cleaner-Etcher

Product Details


You can now give your concrete and other masonry surfaces a beautifully-stained, professional appearance with Colour Crete™. And you can do it yourself – it’s that easy!

UC Coatings


Stay Clean Moss & Algae Prevention Solution

Product Details

Stay Clean extends the life of many outdoor materials. Stay Clean contains an acrylic bonded mold, moss, & algae inhibitor that will adhere to most porous surfaces. Stay Clean integrates an environmentally sound coating with high performance ease of use, and consumer safety.

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