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Marmur Medio is a lime-based finishing plaster coat, made of well- seasoned hydrated putty, fine marbles and rheological modifiers, which guarantee a perfect workability of the product.
With its formulation, Marmur Medio permits to achieve “cloudy” esthetic effects, with soft and vibrant shades.

Thanks to its versatility, Marmur Medio permits to get several textures, depending on the application techniques.

Marmur Medio is indicated for the decoration of prestigious exterior and interior surfaces. Natural lime plasters represent Marmur Medio’s most suitable substrate, since the product reacts chemically with them, building up a unique “body” able to preserve the lime coating for a longer period of time.

With appropriate and necessary advices during the application cycle, Marmur Medio is also indicated for:

  • -  Plaster and cement mortars

  • -  Pre-mixed renderings

  • -  Pre-existing lime and gypsum plasters

  • -  Moisture-permeable plasters

  • -  Gypsum plaster-boards.

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